Various Scenic Pictures of Prince Edward Island

Canoe Cove, Prince Edward Island

One of the few P.E.I. locales which still recalls the activities of early Native settlers, Canoe Cove was a major landing location for Natives who made their way across Northumberland Strait. Close to the headwaters of both the West and Hillsborough Rivers, the Natives could almost entirely make their way to the Island`s North Shore in their canoes from the cove.

A very quiet region of the South Shore, Canoe Cove offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the warms waters and pastoral scenery far removed from the hustle and bustle of other Island destinations.

As well, the Glen Afton Golf Course, located just a few miles from Canoe Cove, offers beautiful seascape views and a challenging course. A region which epitomizes the rural charm of P.E.I., Canoe Cove remains a haven for those who desire solitude amidst stunning natural beauty.

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