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Ellerslie, Prince Edward Island

Ellerslie, (Also referred to as Ellerslie-Bideford) is a small community located in Prince Edward Island, in Prince County. It holds residence to approximately 470 citizens.

Most residents of Ellerslie live on Ellerslie Road (Route 133) which spans 5 miles from Route 2 to Route 12. The village is on coordinates 46' 36" N, 63' 57" W.

The village was incorporated by provincial government in 1977, and merged with the neighbouring community of Bideford. Ellerslie was founded in 1901 by a local carpenter, being named after Ellerslie, Scotland. Ellerslie is currently one of the last communities in the West Prince district of Prince Edward Island prior to the border with East Prince.

The community has a rich history in the fox farming and ship building industries. The Bideford Shipyard launched several sea vessels, including the last one to be christened there, the Meteor. Bideford is also home to a Shellfish Museum; as the fishery is the basis of the local economy.

Over the past several years, the Community Improvement Council (or CIC) has endeavoured to undertake several infrastructure projects. These projects include a new set of Soccer Fields and a Running Track.

Ellerslie is home to Ellerslie Elementary School, which has approximately 200 students in grades K-6. From this school, area residents go to Hernewood Intermediate, and Westisle Composite High.

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