Various Scenic Pictures of Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island: Seafood Outlets, Morell

It is a quiet village with much to offer. The main industries are fishing (lobster, tuna) agriculture (especially blueberries and potatoes), cultured mussels and oysters, boat building and cabinet making etc. Tourism is also important with beautiful beaches, great golf at the Links at Crowbush.

The first inhabitants of the community of Morell were of a tribe known as the "Shell Fish Eaters", followed by the Mi'kmaq. The Morell River was known to the Mi'kmaq as Pogooseemkekseboo, meaning "clam ground river".

The community was named for Jean Francois Morel, who settled in the area in 1720-21. He was originally from St. Malo, France. By the 1850s, the community was busy and prosperous, thanks to the lumber trade and shipbuilding. Today, fishing and farming remain important activities in the community.