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Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island

A charming fishing village situated amidst the rural setting of Eastern Kings County, Murray Harbour exudes the charm and timelessness so often associated with life on Prince Edward Island.

Offering visitors a variety of landscapes ranging from coastal cliffs and beaches to the rolling farmlands and pastoral rivers of the interior Murray Harbour residents rely on both land and sea as a source of economic well-being.

The numerous beaches which dot the coastline enable visitors to relax and enjoy the majesty of P.E.I`s unspoiled natural surroundings without the hustle and bustle of busier locales.

Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island is a fishing community in southeastern Kings County. The community is named after General the Honourable James Murray, (1725-1794), Governor of Quebec (1764-66).

With an area of 4.1 km2 and an extensive waterfront facing a large natural harbour, the community's primary industry is fishing, most notably lobster and scallops. It also hosts some secondary industry in the form of fish processing and a growing service economy centred on tourism. The community has a gas station, a fire/police station, a grocery, a restaurant, a number of churches, and a number of wharves.

The majority of the community's fishing fleet is berthed at the South River harbour facility which is operated by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Other wharves include the Murray Harbour wharf, Machon Point wharf, and Beach Point wharf, as well as the Bolridge Landing Marina.

Murray Harbour is the hometown of Dallas Stars forward, Brad Richards, who received the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy and the Conn Smythe Trophy as a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning when the Lightning won the Stanley Cup in 2004.

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